“Baguio Landscaping Services Limited”, established in 1995, member of “Baguio Green Group”, gained its reputation as a reliable professional provider of landscaping services since its establishment. “Baguio Landscaping” is a major horticultural maintenance contractor of the Hong Kong SAR Government and in the private sector.

“Baguio Landscaping” is driven by its corporate core values “Integrity and Excellence”. We are a socially responsible company that strives to create and maintain a “Clean & Green” environment for the society.

Our project size ranges from residential premises to large areas of urban development including estates and community recreational areas. Our services range from horticultural maintenance to landscape design, tree survey, arboricultural works, “Green” improvement works and supply of plants and landscape infrastructures. We provide both term-contract and one-off job-based service.

Continuous improvement is crucial to the sustained success of “Baguio Landscaping”. We strive to surpass excellence in staff quality and service performance. In heading towards a sustainable future, we treat our staff, customers, society and environment with respect and dignity.