Social Responsibility

Having been recognized as “Caring Company” in 2011, we continue our supports to the needy members of the community and contributions to environmental conservation activities.

Baguio believes that everyone living in the planet has the responsibility to keep our living place as pleasant and healthy. We therefore are strongly committed to being a socially responsible company by protecting our environment, caring our employees, reaching out to the community as well as promoting safety and health. To uphold the human rights of our employees, we offer our employees irrespective of age, gender, race, disability, marital status and pregnancy etc. They enjoy rights and freedom to express their opinions through different channels. We have set up a Fun Club in 2011, aiming to organize different recreational and interesting activities for all our employees, so as to create a healthy and happy work place.  

To fulfill the social obligations, we established a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee in order to promote CSR initiatives and foster the consciousness of CSR among our staff. The committee constantly organized different CSR activities such as Beach cleanup day, Charity Marathon and other voluntary works in order to cohere all our staff together as a team and encourage giving and caring to the community. In addition, we start up to partner with some long-standing charities to organize various voluntary activities to support the local community. The ultimate goal of this committee is to develop a strong CSR mindset in all our staffs and pass on this important message to the community.