Supply of Plants,Trees and Landscape Materials

With over 3,100,000 square feet of nurseries located in Mainland China and Hong Kong, Baguio Landscaping is your trusted source for horticultural supplies. Our experienced team of professional managers oversees the cultivation of a diverse range of flowers, shrubs, and trees sourced from various regions. Complementing our operations are three recycling facilities operated by Baguio locally, enabling us to provide customers with a wide array of horticultural materials, including:

  • Tree Supply
  • Turf Supply
  • Pot Plant Supply
  • Local Organic Fertilizer, Biochar and Soil Amendment
  • Custom-made Flower Planter and Pot
  • Machinery and Tools
  • Garden Ornament and Infrastructure

Horticultural material supply with Baguio Landscaping:

  • Professional advice from seasoned horticultural engineers and certified arborists
  • Operation of local recycling and recycling facilities, providing organic fertilizers and biochar
  • Self-owned Mainland China nurseries offering a variety of high-quality seedlings
  • Hong Kong-based nurseries for transit and short-term cultivation
  • Providing a one-stop service including landscaping and maintenance works


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